One to One Computer Training

             COMPUTING FOR BEGINNERS          
               One to One Computer Training in your own home 

I set up Computing for Beginners in 2002 to offer one to one computer training to the more anxious user.   This training is given in your own home on your own computer, as this will be more familiar to you.   Many people go on computer courses and come home to find they are unable to achieve the same results at home, maybe because they are using a more up to date computer at home or they didn't like to ask for help in a class full of people.  

One to one training is the best and possibly the quickest way to learn.  Learning in a group has its disadvantages, not everyone is at the same level.  While one person will pick things up and progress quickly others may have difficulty grasping the subject and struggle to keep up.  With one to one training you will not encounter this problem. 

I offer patient one to one training - there is no pressure on you to learn in a specific time - you learn at your own pace.   Everything will be explained in plain English - no jargon.

The biggest problem people encounter when they are new to computers is fear of something going wrong.  My aim is to get you over this fear and make you a confident user of your computer.


Learn at your own pace 

*  Flexible Training Times

No computer experience necessary 

*  Everything explained in plain English
If you have never used a computer before or have very little confidence, then I can help you overcome your fears and help you to enjoy your computer.

I also offer iPad training from setup to helping you get the most from your iPad.

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